2. Rotatable Potential Fields
  3. Rotatable Simple Source Surface Fields
  4. Rotatable Realistic Source Surface Models
  5. Realistic Source Surface Magnetic Map

Potential Field: Rotatable Simple Source Surface Fields

This module allows you to examine the effect of the distance of the source surface from the Sun on the source region of the solar wind from multipole magnetic fields.

Dipole coefficients
g10, g11:
Quadrupole coefficients
g20, g21:
h21, h22:
Octupole coefficients
g30, g31:
g32, g33:
h31, h32:
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Source surface radius:
Latitude steps:
Longitude steps:
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The source surface around the Sun is an imaginary radius at which magnetic field lines go radial. Usually the source surface is taken to be in a range of 2 to 3 times the radius of the Sun, R. You can vary the source radius value from a minimum value of 1 to a maximum value of 6. This option in essence combines all the previous options and provides you the flexibility to specify a source surface.