2. Rotatable Potential Fields
  3. Rotatable Simple Source Surface Fields
  4. Rotatable Realistic Source Surface Models
  5. WSO Source Surface Magnetic Map

Potential Field: Realistic Source Surface Magnetic Map

This module allows you to examine maps of the open and closed field regions of the Sun for realistic potential field models.

Dipole coefficients
g10, g11:
Quadrupole coefficients
g20, g21:
h21, h22:
Octupole coefficients
g30, g31:
g32, g33:
h31, h32:
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Source surface radius:

This option plots the field lines, looking down towards the Sun from the source surface. Gray lines are closed field lines, red colored region represents open field lines (inward), and blue colored region represents open field lines (outward). Small black circles are neutral points on the source surface. Empty (white) regions are regions with closed field lines that don't reach the source surface. This option uses coefficients from the Wilcox Solar Observatory (WSO). You can fill in the WSO coefficients up to order 3. Select the Input values option to evaluate the data input by you, or one of the other six options to display a set of WSO coefficients for different solar configurations.