2. Currents
  3. Ionosphere
  4. Magnetospheres
  5. MHD/Shocks
  6. Particle Motion
  7. Plasma Waves
  8. Potential Field
  9. Solar Wind

UCLA IGPP Space Physics Exercises

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This website contains a series of modules designed to introduce you to the following topics in space physics: magnetospheres, particle motion, plasma waves, magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)/shocks, solar wind, currents, and the ionosphere.

Use the tabs at the top of every page to access each of the modules and subtopics within each module. Use the HOME tab to return to this page.

You can find sets of problems that use these exercises in the Cambridge University Press textbook Space Physics: An Introduction by C T Russell, J G Luhmann and R J Strangeway. See www.cambridge.org/spacephysics for more information.